Secret tokens found hard-coded in hundreds of Android apps

In some cases, the hard-coded secrets could allow an attacker to steal or delete data. Read More

secret hackers



Malware takes over one million Google accounts: report

If an app infested with Gooligan is installed, or if a user clicks on a link delivered by a phishing attack text message, the malware roots the device and steals email addresses and authentication tokens, which can be used to access the user's Google account (think Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, and so on). Read More



This fake security email tries to make your PC part of a botnet

A new email scam campaign by cybercriminals purporting to be from 'Microsoft Security Office' is infecting its victims with Neutrino exploit kit malware. The email warns the recipients that their bank accounts are being used for suspicious activity as a result of a virus. Read More


Two recalls: be careful what you plug in

Dodgy Power Products

A 'PowerCube' and a plug for a power adapter have been recalled over the last few weeks. Here's what to do if you have one. Read more:

We see quite a number of cheap illegal power products, If you are in any doubt as to the safety of your electrical goods, we have Professional Test & Tag service available.

$247,000 KillDisk ransomware demands a fortune, forgets to unlock files

Encryption Virus

The malware family, which targets everything from Windows to Mac machines, executes procedures to encrypt files and disks before demanding a ransom payment in return for keys to decrypt and unlock compromised machines Read More



500 million Yahoo users hacked: How to protect yourself

The odds are excellent that your Yahoo account is now open for attack to the highest bidder.



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